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CYH 2017-18 Full Season Midget Team Information

By Brittany Fuller, 05/06/17, 10:45AM EDT


  • Midget Full Season Developmental Team
    • Sign ups expected to be in August or early September timeframe.
      • Click here to be added to e-mail list for updates.
    • This is not a "House" Team.
      • Transition from Bantams to contributing on a high school team can be long and difficult.  This team fills the gap that not even a shortened wrap season can provide.
        • Team is intended to provide a FULL SEASON of hockey development to players who do not play high school hockey, or are developing high school players not getting significant playing time on their high school team.
        • This program offers extra practices, as well as valuable game  playing time that you might not get on your high school team.
        • Many high school coaches in the area encourage their younger players to play full season youth hockey and get the game reps they cant get yet in the high school program.
      • Also great for players who have graduated from high school but are still eligible for one more year of youth hockey.
    • All 2002-1999 players are eligible:
      • Players who didn't play on a wrap team or high school team are eligible.
      • Those who are rostered on a 16U or 18U wrap team or a high school team are also eligible.
      • Birth-year 1999, 2017 high school graduates who want one last season of hockey are eligible.
    • Nobody will be cut from this program.
      • Clinton will field two equally skilled teams if numbers allow/dictate.
    • 2 practices per week and 25-30 games and one end of year tournament.
    • CYH Coaching staff will understand when high school team events take priority. (its the nature of midget hockey)
    • Team will either play an independent schedule or join the Snowbelt league.
      • At the midget level, Snowbelt hockey is a very competitive league made up of teams with a similar composition as us.
      • Most snowbelt midget teams have a combination of non-high school players, current high school players, and graduated high school players.
      • We will evaluate our numbers and talent level in September and decide whether to play Snowbelt or independent.
    • If you have any questions about this program, please contact Harris Frank (315)530-3338.