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10 Sanity Tips for Youth Hockey Parents

By Brittany Fuller, 10/06/17, 11:45AM EDT


"I was cut from the Bantam [Travel] team...and had the best year of my life." - Jamie McKinven, Author

Somewhere along the line there was a negative stigma assigned to "House" hockey teams and for CYH players, this couldn't be more undeserved. All of our players have passion, skill, and love for the game.

For other youth hockey organizations, the difference between House and Travel is not only skill but cost, time commitment, and travel distance as well. The difference is much more subtle for Clinton Youth Hockey. Our House members often develop into highly capable players because they are given time to hone their skills at a suitable level, they pay just as much as our Travel, they have equal ice time, and they travel just as often and far.

Let's change the way we think and act by remembering the real reasons we're freezing our butts off in different arenas every weekend- our children love to play hockey. Please keep in mind (or remind your player) that "Travel" is not a status.

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10 Sanity Tips for Youth Hockey Parents