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Clinton Hockey is known as the “Gateway to Hockey” in the Mohawk Valley, as our roots are rumored to have begun before 1900.  As a result, Clinton Hockey has been fortunate to have so many wonderful players, volunteers, fans and friends contribute to the success of this great organization.  As we continue to strive for excellence, we thought it was fitting to begin to build a network of our alumni, fans, volunteers, and friends of the program. This would allow us the ability to illustrate to our current and future membership, what it means to be a part of the Clinton Hockey family.  We’re asking from you, our alumni, volunteers, fans and friends to share your contact information to allow us to share with you through multimedia, current events, challenges, and accomplishments as it relates to Clinton Hockey and hockey in general in the Mohawk Valley.  Collectively we are stronger in numbers when facing challenges. To have the support, mentoring, and confidence of the individuals that have gone before us will only make us more resilient.  So please take a minute to fill out the form through the link below. Allow us the opportunity to share with you our successes, as they are also your successes.  Together and through effective communication, everyone can remain involved in the sport they love and the organization they helped build.

Thank you.


Clinton Youth Hockey Association