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2023 CCYHA 5000 Puck Challenge

5000 Puck Challenge Information

Players can dedicate time in their schedules and add the challenge to their regular routines. Players are free to work at their own pace but shouldn’t rush to finish. Each day’s work should take about 20 minutes. Remember when practicing a skill in any sport, having each rep be meaningful is an important part of developing skills. 


  • The Challenge will take place from June 1 - September 1

  • Registration is open until June 23. This will allow for 10 weeks to complete the challenge. You may start earlier.

  • Shot Tracker must be submitted no later than September 5, 2022 and can be submitted to 



  • Each player who registers and submits a completed 5000 puck challenge will receive a T-Shirt

  • By taking 20-30 minutes out of your day you will greatly improve shot power and accuracy 


  • Sheets must be signed off by a parent/guardian daily 

  • Only one submission is allowed per player


Week 1-3 Wrist Shots

Watch this video to learn more about the wrist shot.